About us

Aims and activity of the association
The association, whose activity is oriented on ideals and not profit, pursues exclusively charitable ends. The primary aim is to support the rehabilitation and integration of people with SUD, who as a result of their state of health are dependent on outside help.

Board of Directors
Dr. Er­hard Doc­ze­kal (President)
DI Wolf Kle­rings (Vi­ce-President)
Dir. Al­fred Rohr­ho­fer (Treasurer)
Mag. Nor­bert Kal­ten­brun­ner (Secretary)

Publisher and proprietor
Grü­ner Kreis, Association for the Rehabilitation of People with SUD s
Her­mann­gas­se 12
1070 Vienna
ZVR 525148935 | registering authority: Vienna Police Authority

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Grüner Kreis Zentralbüro

2872 Mönichkirchen 25

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