Building bridges
In cooperation with professional artists, workshops are held in the inpatient institutions where clients can learn about the diversity of art. Here interesting artworks are repeatedly produced, which often memorably express difficult life situations. An important concern of art in the Grüner Kreis is the publication and presentation of these works. In this way, through art a discourse over the still socially taboo issue of SUD  and drugs is to be initiated.

Broadening horizons
Art in the Grü­ner Kreis extends the association’s therapeutic, experiential-pedagogic and medical therapy options. Experiences that are gained in the individual actions are intended to contain stimuli for the professional therapeutic work. Workshops and actions are intended as encouragement to develop one’s individual skills and to use the opportunities and space art for a constructive and enjoyable confrontation with the demands of life.

We endeavour to gain public and private sponsors to help us realise these art projects. All contributions, material or non-material, are important and help to realise art in the Grüner Kreis.