Counselling for Relatives

Support, inclusion
People in the family circle of addicts are greatly affected by their relatives’ illness. The Grüner Kreis therefore strives to support addicts’ relatives and to include them systematically in the therapy process.

Involuntary deterioration
The path from recognition of the first symptoms of illness to the acceptance of help is often a long one. Frequently relatives feel guilty and responsible for the development of the addictive illness. Individual family members often assume the heaviest burdens and attempt to hide the illness and its consequences from the outside world. They look after addicts’ affairs and become increasingly entangled in their problems. In this way relatives slip into a co-dependency and unwillingly contribute to the maintenance of the addictive behaviour. The responsibility for the addiction is taken from the addicts – often they see no reason to change their behaviour.

We help to help
Relatives are offered specialist support and counselling in our counselling and care centres. In therapeutically mentored relatives’ groups there is the opportunity to discuss with one another, to receive information about the illness and therapy/rehabilitation, to understand the internal family background for the emergence of addiction and to learn to find new paths in contact with the addicts.

Family members of inpatient clients of the Grüner Kreis are regularly informed about associated support (family-members days in inpatient institutions, possibilities of individual and family discussions, relatives’ groups in the outpatient counselling and care centres) as well as about external self-help groups.