For 30 years
The Grü­ner Kreis association was founded in 1983 on a concept of Prim. Dr. Gün­ter Pern­haupt’s. “Treint­hof”, the first inpatient social-welfare institution was opened in 1985 in the “Buck­li­ge Welt” region of Austria. This was supported by the medical-science fund of the Vienna city council and under the project direction of the co-founder and manager Al­fred Rohr­ho­fer.

Convincing therapy and rehabilitation success
In the course of the years a four-pillar bio-psy­cho-so­cial therapy model for short-term and long-term therapy for outpatients and inpatients was developed. Special concepts also developed out of this, for addicted parents with children, addicted young people, multi-morbid addicts and older addicts. The convincing therapy and rehabilitation success ultimately led to the foundation of further care centres in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Carinthia, Styria and Vienna.