Outpatient Clarification

In­dividual mentoring and support
As part of outpatient clarification, those affected receive individual support and mentoring as required. This takes place through the staff of the counselling and care team or the staff of the outpatient counselling and care centres. Counsellors are available for those affected throughout the country. Discussions take place in hospitals, prisons, social-work institutions and the advice centres of the Grüner Kreis association, and wherever people seeking assistance may be.

Our service is aimed at

  • People with substance-related addictive illnesses (legal and illegal)
  • People with non-substance related addictive illnesses (e.g. pathological gambling)
  • Addicted adults and young people
  • Older addicts
  • Addicted parents and mothers and their children
  • People with comorbid illnesses
  • Clients from Vienna who would like to undergo a partial or complete withdrawal
  • Clients from Vienna who would like to undergo alcohol rehabilitation
  • People with a judicial order (§35 und § 39 SMG, § 50 StGB, § 173 StPO, § 179 StVG)
  • Relatives

Ana­mnesis and therapy model
Here the state of health and current living conditions are established in the form of an anamnesis (psychological, psychiatric, somatic, social problems, school education and occupational qualifications etc.). The motivation for therapy is clarified and the appropriate therapy model (outpatient therapy, inpatient short- or long-term therapy, substitution therapy or the admission to special programmes) is determined. Partial or complete withdrawal and alcohol rehabilitation (currently only for clients in Vienna) are carried out or withdrawal places are provided and the assumption of costs is clarified etc.

The objective is to jointly draw up an individual plan of measures and therapy and for mentoring through the necessary subsequent steps. The appropriate offer of therapy will be selected according to the individual needs and the existing problems.
If outpatient therapy/rehabilitation is indicated, it can begin immediately after the clarification of the assumption of costs.
If inpatient therapy/rehabilitation is necessary, those affected will be mentored further as part of outpatient preparation.