Outpatient preparation

The focus is on the preparation of an inpatient stay or on life in the therapeutic community and support in the arrangement of the necessary steps for this. The counselling team is available on a nationwide basis for those affected. Discussions take place in hospitals, prisons, social-work institutions and the advice centres of the Grüner Kreis association, and wherever people seeking assistance may be.

Those affected from Vienna
For clients with their main place of residence in Vienna the outpatient preparation takes place with the staff of the multi-professional counselling team at Her­mann­gas­se Counselling and Care Centre.

Those affected from other provinces
Clients from other provinces or clients referred to us by the judiciary are counselled by staff from the multi-professional counselling team in the outpatient counselling and care centres in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Kla­gen­furt and Wie­ner Neu­stadt.

Those concerned are prepared for the opportunities and conditions of the respective inpatient therapy form in regular consultations. For this, general medical and psychiatric clarification is carried out and the dosages of any substitution medication or other medicaments are discussed. Social workers help in managing personal affairs (living situation, dealing with bureaucracy, domestic pets, post diversion, health insurance etc.). In this phase, clients with their main place of residence in Vienna also receive clinical psychological health care and/or psychotherapy. After written confirmation of the assumption of costs and after completion of the outpatient preparation clients can be admitted as inpatients.

There is the possibility of physical  partial or complete withdrawal or alcohol rehabilitation as an inpatient (currently only for clients in Vienna) in the Ma­ri­en­hof specialist hospital, or the possibility of being admitted to an abstinence-oriented inpatient institution. In this case, complete physical withdrawal must have taken place as an outpatient or inpatient before admission. After a successful partial withdrawal it is also possible to be admitted to a substitution-supported inpatient setting. Here too a subsequent substitution reduction is possible.

Exclusion criteria
Exclusion criteria are acute suicidal tendencies and more complex cases that, owing to their psychiatric illness or somatic complaints, necessitate prior therapy/rehabilitation in a specialist hospital.