Short-Term Therapy

The preconditions for therapy/rehabilitation are: making contact with our counselling team (admission meeting), a positively completed physical withdrawal or partial withdrawal, and the clarification of the assumption of costs.

Short-term inpatient therapy lasts up to 6 months and takes place in the association’s inpatient institutions.

Target group
The short-term inpatient therapy is conceived for adults with SUD who require short-term inpatient intervention, who can be rapidly stabilised and then treated in continuing outpatient therapy. Ideally, these clients are still socially integrated in their personal surroundings. They have completed their education or have a job, or a job can quickly be found again. Clients with a referral to a health-related measure (“therapy instead of punishment” under §35 and § 39 SMG, § 50 StGB, § 173 StPO, § 179 StVG) are also admitted, as the government only assumes inpatient therapy costs for up to 6 months.

Like all other clients, those affected take part in the therapeutic community, in the whole therapy programme, and are mentored by the respective multi-professional team (medical, clinical-health psychology and psychotherapeutic therapy/rehabilitation, occupational therapy, active leisure time, social-work and social-pedagogic mentoring etc.).
After an integration phase and a motivation phase the clients move to an implementation phase. This serves to analyse what has been achieved, to prepare and plan the period following the inpatient therapy stay, and for the transition to outpatient therapy/rehabilitation.

The objectives are to support the possibility of living an abstinent life, stabilising and rapid reintegration into a social environment.