SUD Research in the Grüner Kreis

Supporting research
In 2011, the Centre for Integrative SUD  Research – Grü­ner Kreis Association was brought into being by Dir. Al­fred Rohr­ho­fer and Priv.​Doz.​DDr. Hu­man-Fried­rich Un­ter­rai­ner. The centre is tasked with initiating scientific events, supporting research and mentoring research projects. In cooperation with university institutions, it deals with current research questions in the field of addictive disorders and SUD  therapy.

The therapeutic community offers sufficient opportunities to deal with questions concerning the course and therapy/rehabilitation or aftercare of people with SUD. In this way new findings on possible changes in dysfunctional attachment patterns in people with SUD can be gained.
Alongside a multitude of themes, the research centre’s focus is on traumatising experiences and pathological gambling. Above and beyond this, research projects are being initiated on special themes in SUD  therapy. For example, in cooperation with the Karl Fran­zens University in Graz, a research projects was carried out on neurofeedback training with people with SUD.

SUD  and spirituality
A further important focus of the research work is in the role of spirituality in the therapy/rehabilitation of people with SUD. On the basis of a possible expansion of the bio-psycho-social understanding of psychological health and disorders, there have recently been various research projects on the connection between SUD and spirituality.

Zentrum für Integrative Suchtforschung
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