Young People with SUD

The therapy lasts 6 to 8 months. Intensive continued outpatient care following the inpatient stay is indispensable.

Target group
This special concept is intended for young people with SUD aged 14 to 18 and for young adults.

The focus in the therapy/re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on is the bio-psy­cho-social 4-pillar therapy model. The emphasis is on the fostering of resources and becoming used to leading an orderly, abstinent working life. Alongside the encouragement of development, the improvement of the school and educational situation (e.g. repeating of secondary-school or apprenticeship, starting further education and training during the inpatient therapy, taking external examinations etc.) mentored by social workers and social pedagogues is decisive.

Consideration for the life situation
With young people with SUD it is a question of a particularly vulnerable group. Consideration for the specific life situation and the requirements of young people is therefore very important and necessary. Young men are housed in the Wald­hei­mat young people’s welfare and social welfare institute, young women are cared for in the Bin­der young people’s welfare institute. In addition, this also houses young mothers and their children.

Po­si­ti­ve experiences
The therapy period is marked and supported by living life together and learning. Young clients in particular require much positive experience of relationships. Development possibilities are there for them if genuine and stable relations with their therapists and carers are possible. This often demands a great deal of time. Stability and proximity, but also distance and boundaries (structures) are factors that shape this kind of relationship. This demands therapeutic and pedagogic skills.

Active leisure time, sport, art, creativity
An important component of this special concept is the active design of leisure time. Special programmes, in particular in adventure and experiential education have a great effect. Here it is a question of learning through experience. A balanced offer of stamina and experience-oriented sport is intended to facilitate the experience of self-esteem, pleasure, boundaries, teamwork and performance. For young people, closeness to nature and the experience of oneself in nature often opens up a completely new point of access to themselves.

The focus is on getting used to leading an orderly working life that is abstinent or substituted without co-use, a secure housing situation, financial security, the discovery and promotion of resources, and finding an occupation and education.