AMS Employment Project

The employment project
As part of the non-profit employment project, clients who have successfully completed the long-term inpatient therapy programme are offered the chance of a job subsidised by the Lower Austria AMS (for 1 year, with the possibility of extension for 1 1/2 years). These transitional workers are employed in the most varied fields of work (agriculture, building and renovation, carpentry, car-pool, seminar hotel, creative workshops, metalworking, office work, catering, warehouse etc.) and are instructed by qualified specialists.

Re­inte­gra­ti­on in the open labour market
The focus here is on the ability of the clients to work in their fields of work; the aim is their material and social independence. The demands are oriented on the necessities of the open labour market. Through this programme, it has been possible to significantly raise the therapy success ratio and to significantly improve the following reintegration in the open labour market. With corresponding further development and vocational training of the clients, after the end of the transitional work phase, it is also possible to take up a regular job with the Grüner Kreis.

Occupational orientation and interview training measures
As part of this non-profit employment project there are also occupational orientation and interview-training measures offered by experienced trainers. On the one hand they are intended for clients who are close to completing their regular therapy and on the other hand for transitional workers who wish to attempt the leap onto the open labour market following the end of their subsidised job in the protected framework of the Grüner Kreis

In addition to the short-term subsidised jobs, clients and former clients are supported concerning retraining, apprenticeships and specific specialist training according to their individual interests. There is close cooperation with the Neun­kir­chen AMS (= regional office of the Lower Austria AMS), but also with the Wie­ner Be­rufs­bör­se ( and the Vocational Training Institute (BFI) (, which can facilitate extensive educational and training opportunities and a proficient job  placement.