Who we are

Care, therapy, rehabilitation, integration
The Grü­ner Kreis association has existed since 1983, supporting the rehabilitation and integration of people with addictions, and is the leading institution in Austria offering swift and professional help for people with dependency problems.

Our goal
Our goal is to make it possible for people with SUD to find a way to an independent, socially integrated and largely addiction-free life. Outpatient programmes, but above all short-term and long-term inpatient therapy as part of the concept of the  the­ra­peu­tic community open a realistic chance for those affected to achieve this goal.

A multi-professional team from the fields of medicine, psychotherapy, clinical health psychology, social work, teaching, social pedagogy, sport, art and creativity and handicrafts facilitates the advice and care for addiction-endangered people and people with addictions from all over Austria.

We are here for you
Everybody with SUD will find help in the Grüner Kreis! Young people, adults, parents with children, couples or older people. The therapy/rehabilitation is for voluntary clients as well as for clients with a judicial order for therapy. We treat clients

  • with substance-related addictive behaviour (such as drugs, alcohol, medicaments etc.)
  • with non-substance-related addictive behaviour (such as pathological gambling, internet addiction etc.)
  • with a judicial order (§ 35 and § 39 SMG, § 50 StGB, § 173 StPO, § 179 StVG)

Six outpatient care centres and eight inpatient institutions offer the appropriate therapy and care facilities for all forms of dependency-related illnesses