Therapy provision

Swift and professional help

The Grüner Kreis offers swift and professional help in cases of addiction problems – this can take place as an outpatient or an inpatient. Clients from all over Austria and the neighbouring countries are treated and cared for in our therapy institutions, provided a funder is available.

We treat people with

  • substance-related addictive behaviour (such as drugs, alcohol, medicaments etc.)
  • non-substance-related addictive behaviour (such as pathological gambling, internet addiction etc.)
  • a legal order (§ 35 and § 39 SMG, § 50/51 StGB, § 173 StPO, § 179 StVG)

We serve people with addictive illnesses who would like

  • an inpatient physical partial/complete withdrawal (currently only for clients in Vienna),
  • an outpatient/inpatient alcohol therapy/rehabilitation,
  • mentoring in existing substitution (inpatient/outpatient)
  • or are striving for abstinence.

Clarification, Assumption of costs, Relatives and Objective:

Clarification and anamnesis
Before admission into a care setting the state of health and current living conditions are established in the form of an anamnesis (psychological, psychiatric, somatic, social problems, school education and occupational qualifications etc.). The motivation for therapy is clarified and the appropriate therapy/rehabilitation model (outpatient therapy, inpatient short- or long-term therapy, substitution therapy or the admission to special programmes) is determined.

Assumption of costs
For clients with their main place of residence in Vienna, costs are assumed by the SDW (Vienna Addiction and Drug Coordination) in the form of outpatient and inpatient funding modules; the assumption of costs as part of alcohol rehabilitation takes place together with the PVA (Pension Insurance), WGKK (Vienna Health Insurance) and the SDW.
For clients from other provinces the costs are assumed under the individual provinces laws on social services, disability assistance or child and young people’s assistance. Costs may also be assumed by the federal government / judiciary owing to a legal order under (“therapy instead of punishment”).
Above and beyond this, both outpatient and inpatient therapy can also be paid for privately.

Relatives are offered specialist support in the outpatient counselling and care centres. In therapeutically mentored relatives’ groups there is also the opportunity to discuss with one another, and to receive information about the illness and the therapy/rehabilitation, to learn understand the role the internal family backgrounds for the development of addiction and to find new paths in contact with the addicts.
The involvement of relatives plays an important role in the inpatient field too.

The objective of the different forms of therapy is the successful rehabilitation and integration of our clients, or to enable them to live a largely addiction-free life as independently as possible.

Therapy/rehabilitation in Prison

The Grüne Kreis cares for addicts in the prisons Schwarzau, Stein und Eisenstadt.

Psychotherapists with years of experience in dealing with prisoners with SUD visit prisons regularly. The psychotherapeutic therapy/rehabilitation of inmates takes place in the form of individual and group psychotherapy. Our highly qualified staff are allocated to addicted inmates in close cooperation with the prison management and the psychological service.