Schwein muss man haben [you’ve got to have a stroke of luck]
The Porc Noir de Bi­gor­re is an ancient breed of pig from the Pyrenees, which outside its French homeland is only to be found on our farms. In the extensive woodland enclosure our Bi­gorre pigs forage for their food themselves and provide meat with an incomparable aroma.

Breeding of rare farm animals such as the Porc Noir de Bi­gor­re, a very old breed of pig from France, which not long ago faced extinction, and breeding the French Aubrac cattle is a matter of special pride. The animals are kept in the open all year round, lovingly cared for by the institution’s clients under specialist guidance and fed only on lush grass and cereals from our own farms.

Where the good things come from
The Grüner Kreis operates five farms as part of its institutions in the Buck­li­ge Welt, which are primarily dedicated to livestock breeding and forestry. Cattle, pigs, goats, poultry, horses, llamas and all kinds of small animals inhabit some 80 ha of agricultural and forestry areas.